Well, the weekend is nearly over, tomorrow is Monday the start of another week...but there is something special next week :) As you've probably guessed from the title (or read in the news) there will be a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 28th, and Australians will have the "box seat for this rare cosmic event". So when will it happen? According to Australian Astronomy...

The Moon starts moving into the Earth's shadow at 6:51 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) and is full immersed in the shadow at 7:52 pm. Totality is over at 9:23 pm and the eclipse ends at 10:24 pm.

Pity I'll be in class during 6pm-8pm on Tuesday :( but I'm still going to see if I can get a few shots at the moon - hopefully it won't be too cloudy!

In regards to the weekend, it wasn't exactly eventful nor productive - but I did learn a thing or two. Firstly, I learnt how amazingly powerful Adobe Illustrator is! When I first learnt about vectors/paths in Photoshop I was amazed...now I'm blown away by what Illustrator can do - though it's rather annoying that Photoshop and Illustrator don't really share similar interfaces :( Keep trying to use Photoshop shortcuts and they don't work or end up doing something weird in Illustrator.

The other thing (which I learnt the hard way) was that for Optus pre-paid plans you don't always get the SMS that reminds you to recharge. Found out on Saturday that I had $0 credit - lost something like $30+, 30+ min free time, 100+ min myTime and 50+ SMS :( When I phoned up support to ask, they said that the system randomly chooses people and send reminders - so you're not guaranteed to receive the reminder SMS! I bet they do that so that you'll be tricked into thinking they will remind you each time and then one time you will randomly not get the SMS and lose all your credit. So I guess we should set our own reminders and not trust big profit hungry companies!