Some apps and games that I've created. Currently, they are all on the Google Play Store, though in the future this might change.


Second game; first puzzle game. This game is built using Cordova and therefore is basically HTML/CSS/JS. Somewhat crazy, but decided to try use TDD for this game—worked out relatively well. Went with Cordova instead of native is bcause this game started off as a weekend javascript hack (connect three).

Mr. Tiddles

First Android game! This game is built using libGDX. Challenged myself to create everything and almost got there. In addition to the coding, I also created the graphics and SFX. Despite many hours and attempts, the music was out of my reach, so mashed up music by from

TPG Monitor

This app is no longer on Google Play Store.
Read TPG Monitor, unpublished for background.

This is my first Android app. Two main reasons for creating it: got a new phone & there was no decent TPG mobile monitor on the play store. It was mainly a learning experience—both in terms of Android and actually completing something.