As some of you may or may not know, WordPress 2.3 was released about a week ago on Monday 24th September. So since I had a bit of time, decided I should upgrade from 2.2.2. After some drama with the incorrect file permissions of the uploaded files I finally managed to get everything working (I hope!) so now I'm using the brand new WordPress 2.3 release :)

With this upgrade I've also upgraded to K2 RC1 as on their page it is suggested to use RC1 with 2.3. The front-end should look relatively similar, with the exception that tags are now only shown when you view the full post - since I've disabled Ultimate Tag Warrior and now using the inbuilt tagging system that comes with 2.3.

If you do find any problems with my blog, please send me an email and I'll go and try to fix it up!