It seems like between thesis, holidays and starting work the previous blog post was more than half a year ago!

So, thesis is all done (yeah!), holiday was awesome (see below) and starting to work full time is definitely a different experience but a good one :)

Won't go too much into my holiday, but there is one thing I have to point out - Japan has heaps of cool and wonderful things. One which I thought was very cool is in some stations, the platform numbers start at zero! Probably looked like a silly tourist taking a photo of the inside of the station, but definitely worth it - how often do you see Platform 0?

platform 0

In more 'blog-related' news, I am planning to make some major changes to the blog, the most significant being completely re-skinning it. Due to the changes the blog will most likely look very bare and default-y for a period of time - hoping that it won't be too long! Also, aiming to blog on a slightly more regular basis!