Slightly belated Happy Chinese New Year... and a very belated Happy New Year to all :)

Hopefully everyone has had an awesome start to 2010 and that new year resolutions are still going strong!

As the subject of this post suggests, I have migrated my blog, from one host to another - simply because the new host is slightly cheaper and offers more! But as with all migrations there is bound to be some things that have been broken :( So, it would be great if the awesome readers of my blog (yes you!) could comment/email me if you notice anything broken.

At the moment I've realised one thing that is broken, and embarrassingly it is my More link modifier plugin! Well, it works on the default theme, but doesn't seem to work with the Lightword theme I am using (I swear it worked before the migration, but looking at the code it seems 'impossible' that it would have worked...)

Unfortunately it seems like the WordPress import function doesn't take into account the blogroll nor inform you of what plugins you have installed. So at the moment I've removed blogroll from the sidebar, and trying to remember which plugins I had previously installed and would still need/use.

Update: The not-working more link plugin really annoyed me, so I looked more carefully and indeed with the Lightword theme it is impossible by default for the more link modifier to work! Back when I initially changed the theme I had modified the theme files and forgotten all about it! So now the theme files have been re-modified and all is happy :)