Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy. ~The Top of My Todo List by Paul Graham

Believe it or not, we are almost halfway through 2012 - just one more month to go!

The passing of time still often gets to me - I find it hard to believe that 5 months have already passed since I last posted, but at the same time, reflecting on the past couple of months, I find it hard to believe so much has happened in 5 months. So somehow, time is both short and long at the same time!

One thing that I know for certain, there never seems to be enough time. There just seems to be so many things that one needs to/wants to/should do - yet only 24 hours in a day. Not only does my 'todo list' seem to be forever growing, but life seems to be very adept at providing a constant stream of distractions. Thus, plans to work through the list are often futile; resulting in the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tasks and things happening everywhere.

What I try to keep in mind though, is that the 'constant stream of distractions' is really just an excuse - life will not stop for you, you have to stand strong and find a way to manage/control the constantly flowing stream. However, having said that, there are times that you can stop, relax and let everything around you flow by. As recently shared by a friend, in the words of Billy Joel:

So whilst we shouldn't make excuses for not always being able to get things done, we should also take some time off, relax and enjoy life!

ps. It is quite interesting reading my previous post (from last year!) as it is somehow still very relevant. Unfortunately, I have been very slack with regards to the challenge I set myself - must admit I haven't really been taking time to reflect at all.