May's income report looks very much like the previous months, no purchases and 90c from ads for the month.

Amount Note
In-app purchase $0.00 No purchases
Ads $0.90 684 impressions, 15 clicks

So far, there appears to be a pattern, roughly under a dollar per month from ad revenue regardless of the number of impressions or clicks.

Without having done any proper analysis or calculations, the main reason for this consistency seems to be that the active number of users have stayed roughly the same. I would assume if this number doubled, then the ad revenue would similarly double.

Another interesting factor is the length of time users spend on the game. If this increased, I wonder if the ad revenue would similarly increase. So far, all the ad revenue has come from actual clicks and not just impressions, so would more time in the game mean more possibilty for clicks?

Definitely easier said than done, but it would definitely be great to be able to try both of the above - increased installs/active users (will require more marketing and visibility) and increased time spent in the game (additional game play mode).

I do have an additional game mode in mind, though just need to actually get motivated and carve out some time to actually get the work done.