It's no secret that my last blog post was over two years ago, and that makes me sad. I have decided to try my best to change this and blog more frequently! Luckily for me, previous-self has set that benchmark super low \o/

The main thing I'm going to do differently is I plan on putting up things that aren't "perfect" or "100% done". This means there'll likely be more posts that are work in progress or learnings or possibly just me getting really confused.

The first example of publishing a not-quite-done-thing is the new design of the entire blog. A long time ago, spent time creating a jekyll layout, migrating most of my old WordPress posts here, merging the dx3 blog posts too. However, after all that, progress just stopped as there were too many small issues to work through.

Since I figured it's better to have something out there than forever sitting in my laptop and collecting virtual dust, decided to make the site live despite the seemingly never ending issues: mobile view sucks, dx3 blog still has posts (unsure what to do with it), 404 page missing (ironic), favicon, and the list goes on. So if you see any bugs/oddities on the site, let me know!