Three months in and there has only still been the initial two purchases of Mr. Tiddles from the first month of release in January.

Although this is somewhat disappointing, but on the bright side, the ad revenue has seen a 3.6 fold increase! Unfortunately 3.6 times 49 cents isn't a alot, but it is improvement!

Amount Note
In-app purchase $0.00 No purchases
Ads $1.81 939 impressions, 20 clicks

During March, I did not tweak any of the AdMob settings though did constantly tweet and promote the game via Twitter, Googe Plus and Facebook.

Promotion via social media helped a little - installs increased steadily, but only at approximately one a day. April will be an interesting month, as I plan on cutting down the social media promotion to see how it will affect the install rate.

I do have some plans to make updates to the game and possibly release it on the Samsung Store to increase downloads, however time is tight and procrastination is hard to avoid!